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Quick Set Additive

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Quick Set Additive Quick Set is a Calcium Chloride based liquid additive designed to make any cement based product set and develop initial strength quickly.
It is specially recommended for the use with RLA/Atlas cement based adhesives. Quick Set Additive
Quick Set is recommended for use where a fast setting result is required such as doorways, stairs, access ramps and repair jobs, shopping
centres etc.
Ensure all surfaces are sound, dry and free from excessive movement, oil, dust, grease, wax, curing compounds, release agents, paint and
any other loose contaminating materials.
Add RLA/Atlas Quick Set to the required mix as below.
100ml 6 Litres 20kg 3 hrs
200ml 6 Litres 20kg 2 hrs
300ml 6 Litres 20kg ½ hrs
Do not use in conjunction with metallic hardeners or in reinforced concrete.
Quick Set is available in 20L, 5L, and 1L Pails.
A pail of Quick Set when stored in a cool, dry environment, and is stored above ground level, will have a shelf life of approximately 12months.
For applications / situations not mentioned in this data sheet please contact your nearest RLA/Atlas office.
For a full MSDS on this product please contact your nearest RLA/Atlas office.
The information supplied is to the best of our knowledge true and accurate.The actual application of the product is beyond the manufacturer’s control.Any
failure or damage caused by the incorrect usage of the product is not the responsibility of the manufacturer.The manufacturer insists that all workmanship
must be carried out in accordance with AS 3958.1-1991. It is also the responsibility of the end user to ensure that the literature in their possession is the
latest issue.


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