Muck Off


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  • Test a small area prior to cleaning the whole tile installation.
  • Residues must be rinsed off tiles & surrounding fittings with water.
  • Avoid contact with painted surfaces.
  • Spills on fabrics must be rinsed off immediately with water to avoid staining

Muck Off

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Muck Off Precautionary Statement None NON HAZARDOUS CHEMICAL. NON DANGEROUS GOODS. NOT A SCHEDULED POISON. SECTION 3 – COMPOSITION/INFORMATION ON INGREDIENTS Muck Off is a preparation of commercially confidential ingredients classified as non-hazardous according to the criteria of NOHSC. Muck Off
Ingestion: Do not induce vomiting. Rinse the mouth with water. Give water to drink. Seek immediate medical assistance. Eye Contact: Hold the eyelids open and irrigate the eyes with copious amounts of water for at least fifteen minutes. Seek immediate medical assistance. Skin Contact: Remove the contaminated clothing. Rinse the exposed areas thoroughly with soap and water. Clean the contaminated clothing before re-using. Seek medical advice if a skin irritation develops.
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Reviewed April 26, 2017
Inhaled: Move the person to a source of fresh air. Seek medical advice if symptoms such as coughing persist. SECTION 5 – FIRE FIGHTING MEASURES HAZCHEM CODE: NONE ALLOCATED This product is not combustible but can release flammable vapours when exposed to sources of extreme heat. Decomposition of this product will result in the generation of toxic oxides of carbon. Fire fighters should wear a self contained breathing apparatus. Flames on or in the vicinity of this product can be extinguished using conventional fire fighting agents and procedures. SECTION 6 – ACCIDENTAL RELEASE MEASURES This product can create slippery conditions. For large spills, wear PVC gloves, goggles, overalls and a respirator. Do not allow the product to enter drains or surface water. Contain the spill with sand or soil. Collect the adsorbed material and seal it into properly labelled drums for disposal. Spray the contaminated area with an excess of water. Do not wash the product’s residues into natural waterways.